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About Us

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Who we are
Providing services from 29.09.1992, FLRangel always update our methods in search of quality to provide continuous improvement of customer service, professionals and employees.

In 2012, we performed the PSGQ – Programa Sebrae de Gestão da Qualidade(Program Quality Management), which helped the company to update their methods of organization, planning and creation of internal rules focused on improving service and convenience in the development of the activities and the constant updating and greater interaction of our employees.

In addition to this program, they are constantly evaluations with psychology professionals, seeking interaction and development of all for improvement and alignment differences.

Aiming to update the legal changes, diverse and constant investments are made in new technologies such as the implementation of new programs that provide security to the client with real updates in according current legislation and in a proper time, which are transmitted to customers through e-mail, company website and personal meetings.

FLRangel Contabilidade have the mission to be a company of excellence in accounting, committed to the performance of services, prioritizing the quality, the personalized service and always acting in accordance with ethical, human and social values.

Being recognized as a reference of quality in the provision of services in the accounting area, in the city of Juiz de Fora and region, with a portfolio of satisfied clients that service is committed to the "zero error".

Quality policy
It is based on the Quality Management System, created with support from Sebrae-MG, whose reference management tools, cooperation with its partners, employees and customers, the standardization instructions and monitoring processes.

Its values ethics, competence, appreciation for the human life, teamwork and environmental responsibility.

Partnership in the growth and development of your company.


Fabiano Rangel

With 25 years of experience, formed in 1990 in Accounting Technician, he worked in the market, always seeking the expertise and expand their knowledge in accounting. In 1992 he founded the FLRangel Contabilidade. in 2104 he was requested by the Conselho Regional de Contabilidade de Minas Gerais(Regional Council Accounting) general to represent the city of Juiz de Fora as Deputy Sectional, and was reelected for the period 2015/2018.